Saturday, November 23, 2013

RSE v19 b7 Development Progress Changelog

Here is a sneak peak of the changes for RSE v19. This is basically the final changelog for this version. Some play testing still needs to be done so expect the final release to be within the next few days.

RSE v19 b7 Changelog to date (as of November 23rd, 2013):

-bots will now occasionally go into prone stance
-improved how bots crouch
-bots will now use proper melee, throwing knifes are now reserved as a rare longer range weapon as intended
-changed how the match size scales, it will now vary from match to match even on the same map
-fixed bots not using the rpg and at4 properly against killstreaks
-improved bot aiming, shooting, and overall consistency of processes
-changed distribution of a few weapons

-config file has been added (see Configuration section of this document), config can be used to tweak the following:
        -bot difficulty (tweak the average skill of bots)
  -auto scale match size (change settings on how you want the match size to scale)
  -custom match size (tweak amount of bots that spawn on a selected team)
  -developer mode (for waypoint editing)

-bot recovering time for getting flashed/stunned is now determined by skill
-improved movement process for bots, vertical clipping is checked and corrected when movement to waypoint is complete
-bots now have the ability to rage quit if they die too many times without getting a kill
-bots will no longer move when planting or defusing the bomb
-bots will now show a custom title and emblem after the first round in round based modes
-fixed an issue with bots not throwing care package grenades unless they saw an enemy, and fixed switching back to weapon
-waypoint editor has been added as part of developer mode and is built into the main code base (thanks ABiliTy)

-fixed waypoint issues on the following maps:
  -fuel (fixed a bad waypoint location related to headquarters)
  -scrapyard (fixed a few bad waypoint locations that resulted in clipping)
  -skidrow (fixed a few bad waypoint locations related to headquarters)
  -terminal (fixed a few bad waypoint locations that resulted in clipping)

-added more bot dialogue options
-a few performance improvements and code optimizations
-some variable and balance tweaks
-other small bug fixes

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