Sunday, December 8, 2013

RSE v20 b10 Development Progress Changelog

Here is the current changelog for the RSE v20 beta as of December 8th. I'm getting close to finishing this version. I'll probably need another week to fix and add a few more features.

You may give this beta a try. This is not a full package. No Client files or instructions are included. This is a patch that will update the core AI files.

If you do decide to download it, please leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the current state of the beta and please report any bugs within the next week.

To install the v20 b10 patch, just copy the contents of the "Patch" folder to your directory for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You must have at least RSE v16 currently installed for the patch to work.

You can download the core patch component of RSE v20 b10 here:
(beta is no longer available)

RSE v20 b10 Changelog (as of 12/8/13):

-fixed bots not using the stinger correctly and reduced how often they use them
-bots will now rely on radar and sound to find enemies
-a bot that rage quits will now be replaced with a different bot after a random length of time
-bots will no longer rage quit in capture the flag, demolition, and search and destroy (to fix joining bugs)
-bots will now use akimbo weapons
-reconfigured auto scale match size, default is now smaller to improve bot functions (can be changed in config)
-bots will use the ac130 and chopper gunner more effectively
-each bot will now choose one loadout (weapon and perks) to use for the majority of the match (based on skill)
-each bot will now choose 3 killstreaks at the beginning of the match and can only earn those 3 killstreaks
-bots will not use the at4, rpg, or m79 as often against other players
-bot accuracy is now set independently to the steady aim perk
-bots will now sometimes watch their killcam
-various improvements to shooting and aiming mechanics
-bots will now sometimes prioritize a melee kill based on skill and distance from enemy
-bots will no longer spin after reaching objective locations

-fixed more waypoint issues on the following maps:

-indexed weapons for the bling perk, fixed a few bugs related to bot weapon selection
-bots will now use every perk and pro perk
-reconfigured how killstreaks are distributed
-added more bot dialogue options
-changing fov in the config will now apply in matchmaking
-some variable and balance tweaks
-other small bug fixes and improvements


  1. Man i tried the beta and i noticed something:
    Bots now rely on radar to find their target.
    Bots use one weapon for the majority of the match
    Individual skill is dynamic but they now have skill based on set difficulty and
    bot waypoints are more random
    Their aiming is so UNHUMAN as if they used aimbot software(on difficulties other than hard).

    I know that the final version won't be like the cons.
    BTW keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for trying the beta and leaving feedback. I forgot to enable some of the wait delays for bots shooting that I disabled for testing. You probably noticed the bots shooting at you the instant they notice you. There should be between a 0.2 and 1 second delay when a bot stops to begin shooting (based on skill). This makes bot reaction more natural. I also messed up a few other important things regarding movement and aiming which I have fixed now.

    2. yeah man...just like the guy says...... maintain the bots' dynamic skill setting but make their reaction time dependent to the set difficulty (example if easy, then set to 0.3, if balanced set to 0.5,etc.)

  2. can you make bot very exteme hard this bot very easy to me

    1. then by all means, the inhuman accuracy and reflexes must be for you.

    2. I will make the "Easy" difficulty easier and the "Hard" difficulty harder.

    3. never mind just make bot camping hehehe

  3. You should decrease bot accuracy and especialy headshot accuracy. It seems that silencers does not help

    1. Some of the radar tracking features weren't fully implemented at the time of beta10. Bots will not detect you on their radar if you are shooting with a silencer and they will not hear you if you are using the Ninja Pro perk.

  4. pls make bot all have pro perk

  5. pls make bot aim like real. when i play,bots seen like use auto aim hack!

  6. I am enjoying this beta! And as eveyone has already stated, these bots are leet shooters, And some times, from killcam, it seems as thought they "SEE" you before your even in view, Ive watched a few killcams that show bot watching me for like 15-20 feet behind a wall and the millisecond my body comes into view POW headshot!!! Either way outstanding work here!

    1. well in v20 bots will "predict" where you are going to be for about a half of a second after you have left their sight (allowing them to get occasional penetration kills) but they will not do that if you haven't been introduced to their field of view before. basically they can assume where you will be for a few seconds but not until they can physically see one of your body parts for the first time. its complicated but i assure you they are not wallhacking. cheap? sometimes yes, but nothing a skilled player can't do.

  7. bro just tell us before release day....IM SO Bored with insta-penta-headshot with RSE v19 and 20 beta. Can't wait for the final v20 (and that GUI)

    1. I have been working hard on the GUI program but unfortunately it is not finished yet so I'll have to leave it out of this release.

    2. well at least the mod will be armed and ready!!

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