Sunday, January 19, 2014

RSE v22 b8 Development Progress Changelog

Sorry guys, I'm going to need at least another week to finish this release. Trust me it will be worth the wait. I've made various improvements to the client.

RSE v22 beta8 Changelog (as of 1/20/14):

-bots will now always drop weapons when they die
-fixed a bug that caused bots to spawn incorrectly
-made balance tweaks to bot melee
-bots will throw grenades more often
-removed some stance change mechanics since they caused too many problems
-bots will not get stuck as often
-bots will now switch targets if one is closer
-improved how killstreaks are distributed and used
-fixed a bug related to bots using the chopper gunner
-fixed bots not aiming correctly with the ac130 after dying
-bots are more careful when using rocket launchers
-bug fixes and improvements for bots in capture the flag
-bots will not camp if they are carrying the flag or need to defuse the bomb
-fixed a bug with rage quit replacements, bots can now rage quit in round based modes
-new client included (1.3.37a replacing alterrev)
-team modes can now be played through the matchmaking playlists (such as ground war)
-private match is no longer ranked

-fixed more waypoint issues on the following maps:

-fixed more errors in perk selection
-changed how bot dialogue is distributed
-added more bot dialogue options
-bot talk rate is now an option in the config file
-improved condition of bots after the round/game ends
-more code optimizations
-other bug fixes and improvements


  1. BTW is that the same as the LAN only-ish client or it is like the M1/M2 clients like aIW M1:1.2-441 or whatever....
    one thing...yehey...private match no longer know it's private explore the maps to feel the serenity of the desert or fight to the death w/bots.........without your thing being recorded.....and make sure IT IS worth the wait...take your time

  2. Wow , this patch is really promising , absolutely looking forward to it , the private match fix is perfect so that now my brother stops boosting on rust to get fall camo and extended mags , now i can get him to play fairly and the capture the flag improvements are welcome since it is my favorite gamemode... Good luck with your testing !!!

  3. Nice!

    Btw here's how I kick the bots...

    Kick the bots like this since I tend to like uneven players, less on my team. I press ~ in game this word "EXE:" would show on the left middle side....I type....kick bot1 ....and so on.

    I also just put z_RSE_v21.iwd and z_randomweapons.iwd on the main folder so it automatically loads the 2 mods and they work perfectly.

    May be would be nice to add those non rse gungame, and other mods on the next release for people who know how to use them.

    1. Is your way of putting the rse iwd on main folder efficient so that i don't need injector????
      BTW how do you even enable the ` (tilde) key for the console commands?????

    2. I guess so.
      In game Console is enabled only using the alterIWnet client - and FYI is a modified version of mw2 with mod support, dedis, lan etc, a better version of mw2 so to speak totally free but discontinued...OR not hehe.

      Bind on the tilde as so...
      bind ~ "chatmodeconsole"

    3. Btw RSE already have those files for yah so guys ain't missing nothing...but it was really fun playing online when aiw was still running and too bad NTA's hard works always get shut down to whatever the real reason was.

    4. this is great! the z_RSE_22.iwd works from the "main" folder without an injector program! i would have sworn I tried this months ago and it didn't work but there must have been something in that folder you gave me that made it work. looks like I'll be giving you some credit for bringing this to my attention!

      as for the console, i'll try putting the " bind ~ 'chatmodeconsole' " into the mp config file and then test in-game. i have afew ideas for fixing the kicking bug.

    5. Hehe glad to be of help! I'm sure the console will work now you know the command I initially forgot to post hehe. CHeers!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Assuming the "not ranked private match" just means that we need to play the games through matchmaking instead? Meaning that maps are auto-picked? If so, that's sweet. No leveling up in private, and team based matchmaking, AWESOME!!!

  5. how do you play LAN? my brother and I cant figure it out. please help!! great mod thought it real takes me back

    1. Enter Tunngle room then type "connect >IP<". If you are a client, DONT start bot injector

  6. private matches aren't ranked anymore.. :( Maaaaan...

    1. I hope ALL the gametypes will be available in the "matchmaking"

    2. you can make it "ranked" again by obtaining a "patch_alter_mp.ff" file from anywhere (check out's repository) and place it on the zone/english PM becomes ranked again

  7. ADVICE TO ALL PEPOLE who wants Private Match as ranked, get a patch_alter_mp.ff file from anywhere (take a look at then place it at the zone\english folder and...BOOM you can now level up again.........

  8. or just get it from here much easy ...
    zone patch files...

  9. I have a problem with bots concealed with shield. They are running to me with shield rised and when I shoot them below knees, nothings hapends.

  10. Thanks so much for this - While i have moved on to Black Ops 2 for multiplayer, i loved MW2 but its like moving in treacle compared to BO2, also so many lobbies are hacked or are otherwise unpleasant. Now i can play MW2 with a fair pace and don't have to put up with all the crap thats out there sometimes. Fantastic.

  11. I got MW3 recently and would really like to be able to learn the mp maps with bots, like you can in BO2, do you know anyone that has got a bot mod working properly on the dedicated server (.461)?

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