Thursday, January 23, 2014



RSE v22 Changelog:

-bots will now always drop weapons when they die
-fixed a bug that caused bots to spawn incorrectly
-made balance tweaks to bot melee
-improved how bots throw grenades and will throw them more often
-removed some stance change mechanics since they caused too many problems
-bots will not get stuck as often
-bots will now switch targets if one is closer
-improved how killstreaks are distributed and used
-fixed a bug related to bots using the chopper gunner
-fixed bots not aiming correctly with the ac130 after dying
-fixed bots occasionally using the ac130 weapon before the killstreak was activated
-bots are more careful when using rocket launchers
-bug fixes and improvements for bots in capture the flag
-bots will not camp if they are carrying the flag or need to defuse the bomb
-fixed a bug with rage quit replacements, bots can now rage quit in round based modes
-improved client, injector program no longer needed to play with bots
-team modes can now be played through the matchmaking playlists (such as ground war)
-private match is no longer ranked

-fixed more waypoint issues on the following maps:

-fixed more errors in perk selection
-changed how bot dialogue is distributed
-added more bot dialogue options
-bot talk rate is now an option in the config file
-improved condition of bots after the round/game ends
-more code optimizations
-other bug fixes and improvements


  1. Your Mod was cool! But pity that you can not play without bots! In version 21, I picked up the bots wanted to play without closing the window Injetor.exe
    In order to play alone with my ammonium in Lan with all classes unlocked! Worth it not be possible in this release! : (

  2. Sweet, once again like always excellent mod! Enjoying this game so much now. Glad to see strike is working again..wouldn't load in the last version and now it loads that map. Thanks for sharing! Great job!

    1. Is there a way to change FOV or skill level for the bots?..or am I missing something?

    2. good to hear your enjoying it! strike wasn't working for you before? thats strange, it was working fine for me.

      i include documentation on how to change your FOV and bot difficulty.

    3. oh ok, sounds good.. yea for some reason strike wouldn't load in the last version, I can't remember the exact error message it gave. It was something about the ac130 string overflow was odd. I even replaced the map file and reinstalled the mod but it was the same, but now it works fine. I'm sure it was just something on my end since no one else was reporting it. Anyways thanks for the reply and thanks for sharing your mod!

  3. Seu Mod foi legal! Mas pena que você não dá pra jogar sem os bots! Na versão 21, eu poderia escolher se queria os bots ou não, bastava fechar a janela Injetor.exe
    Dava pra jogar sozinho com a meu amigo em Lan com todas as classes desbloqueadas! É lamentável não ser possível optar sem os Bots nesta versão! :(
    Mas parabéns pelo projeto! Se possível, quando corrigir todos os bugs do RSE e finalizá-lo, seria bom fazer um projeto de BOTS para Modern Warfare 3. Espero novas atualizações RSE. Parabéns!

    Brasilian Boy Via Google Translate

  4. A box popped up called alterIWnet that wanted me to type "I am aware of the repercussions of cheating, and will do my utmost best to ensure I do not cheat."
    What's up with that?

    1. type only pops up once...then your GTG

    2. Thanks, it stopped popping up. Now I have a new problem though, it tries to connect to IWNet for forever.

    3. make sure that IWNetServer window is opened or click the alteriwnetlauncher exe, it automatically opens IWNetServer.......try check again

  5. Couldn't resolve matchmaking server hostname.
    Couldn't resolve storage server hostname.
    Couldn't resolve ip server hostname.

  6. Does not work here, after clicking alteriwnet multiplayer and launch game
    i get a System.IO.FileNotFoundException error pop-up message for iw4mp.dat.

    On a Windows 7 / net 3.5/4/45 & vcredist_x86.exe installed system.

    But it does work with alternate clients, just RSE_v22.iwd with RepZIW4 for example.

    Ever thought of asking the repz team for help and do a better offline thing?

    The repz client even supports all the converter single player maps and so on...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I cant edit my FOV any more :( how do i do it??

    1. Find RSE_v22.iwd in the main directory of mw2. I use notepad++ & 7zip to open the compressed file contents. It is a free download if you don't already have it. Right click RSE_v22.iwd and open with 7zip, once open you should see a config folder...then open that config.gsc with notepad++ and that is the file you are familiar with in the older versions. Make your changes then save and exit out.

    2. I guess you don't need should just be able to use the regular Notepad with windows as well.

  8. Great, gonna try it again and the injector sometimes is quite a hassle though.

  9. Nice you're using the LAN launcher now.

    Btw can you add gungame on the playlist?

    1. yes thanks to you! ill look into adding some more modes like gungame and one in the chamber.

    2. You're welcome bro!

      Yeah some gun game and other game modes would totally add more fun to your bot hehe tnx man!

  10. Is there a way to enable select able teams for players over LAN(so players can play on the same team) as oppose to fight against one another?

    1. unfortunately no. the matchmaking always auto-balances to put the host on the enemy team if there is only enough players for one on each team. it might be the host tool that causes this.

    2. ah ok thanks :) great work btw i love this mod!!! do u think in future versions players over LAN will be able to play with each other?

  11. Could we get a fifth, "rambo" svr_bots_auto_scale option?
    "rambo" wouldn't add any bots to the players team
    a quasi free for all alternative, the player vs bots

    or maybe cvars to add/remove single bots
    like in cod2 mbots, addbot allies, addbot axis...

    i also tried rse with bgamer, the other offline/lan client, and it works!
    bgIW4-0.5.rar 38,79 MB

    you can even have both clients in the same folder and both work

    it has a console, sp maps support, the Peecekeeper and so on...

    we really need bots for maps like burgertown, nobody plays those online...

    1. kick bot1; kick bot2; kick bot3; kick bot4; kick bot5 . Im wondering: is there a command to cick just one team ? Something like: kick_team axies or kick_team allies ....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I played burgertown once with RSE...really fun for the first 5-10 mins but after that got bored since it's just an open map not really meant for mp game mode. Nuketown is much better wish macporterjoe could add support to that soon.

      Here's a download link to nuketown port to mw2....

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. @Anonymous thats a good idea, i might do that for v23. wow thanks for telling me about the bgamer client. i just tried it myself it works great! this might be my go-to offline client for now on!

      @alencore i never did support for nuketown because i could never find a client that would works offline and supports nuketown... until now with the bgamer client. so I should be able to support it! thanks for the dl link.

    6. I vote for "slum", the favela spec-op map after nuketown:

    7. BTW when i try the BGamer so happy that i can now go 4d1 offline but my stats reverted to level 1 can you guys find a way bec i cant stand on going through again that client even has nuketown support

    8. the easiest way to unlock everything is to download: md202ef8d_aIW.stat
      and put it into your "modern warfare 2/players/" folder

      Or, you can also download download the unlock all config from:

      But that goes into the "modern warfare 2/main/" folder
      and you have to type in the console: "/exec UnlockAll.cfg"

      And if those two don't work google: MW2 EAM (Easy Account Manager)

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