Thursday, January 30, 2014

RSE v23 b3 Development Progress Changelog

This will be a quick version. This is a small changelog but some very important issues have been fixed. I'll post the full release some time over the weekend.

RSE v23 b3 changelog (as of 1/30/14):

-fixed some animation bugs
-bots will no longer leave any trace if they are kicked using the console
-fixed a bug related to changing stance after shooting
-bots can now get tired of sprinting if they do not have the marathon perk
-bots will now occasionally crouch walk
-bug fixes and improvements for bots in search and destroy
-bots will now plant the bomb if the setting for multibomb is enabled
-bots will now wait until the match begins
-more code optimizations
-other small bug fixes


  1. I got one that could be done easily:

    "svr_bots_perk", "svr_bots_streak" and "svr_bots_nuke" for the config.gsc

    1. turning off perks and streaks for bots is tied to the in-game settings.

      as for turning off nukes, i suppose i can add that option.

  2. can you make some bot waypoint support for nuketown and optimization for gamemodes found at the BGamer client?? bec. i am interested to play defcon or gungame w bots

  3. I think he'll be doing those soon. Only problem with Bgamer client it doesn't support
    win xp on the mp side.

    1. under closer examination of the BGamer client, its actually loaded with problems. aside from the distasteful menu design (i much prefer the vanilla menus), it crashes frequently at the end of matches. its just too buggy for me to continue using. i'll probably return to some of these features in the future.

      you can always try the Bot Warfare mod by INeedGames. i believe most of the new maps and modes are supported with his version. his bots are really buggy though last time i checked

    2. it doesn't crash frequently in my end though

  4. yeah nuketown when quited won't go back to the lobby.
    the ingame console is perfect though. darn win7 won't let
    me use extra high textures on Terminal hehe.

    tnx for the bot warfare mod been looking for that.
    last time i tried it always crashes on nuketown probably some crap
    nta haven't fix but it got shutdown again before he could have fix it,
    tnx to actifuckers lol or whatever the real reason behind it.

    now comes aiw3 woohooo!!! but...?
    so kids here's your chance to play mw2 and some more for free but
    don't hold on to it too much coz it will get shutdown again for sure.
    AlterIWnet was the best almost bug free and far lesser cheaters then, NTA and admins we're the onle ones using hacks then LoL!

    I'll support bgamer and rse coz their offline and will work forever.
    too many cheaters anyway online, legit or cracked.
    ok sorry for the rant.

    will try merge the nuketown wpts to rse22.

  5. Fastfile for zone "patch_alter_mp" is newer than the client executable (version 277, expecting 276) how can I fix this?