Monday, December 29, 2014


Hey everyone, just stopping by to say hi. Sorry I have to be honest with you guys I've had some free time for the holidays but I just haven't pulled out my computer in a while. I've been trying out this new thing called life :P

...anyway I'm messing around with a few ideas for MW2/BO1 but unfortunately I don't have anything ready yet, I try not to post unfinished or untested work for obvious reasons...

The real reason I'm here right now is to bounce off an idea with you guys. So I've been monitoring this blog and I see a lot of comments discussing pretty much anything related to A.I. bots in various games. I think this is great but I feel it could be better. I was thinking maybe I can start a proper forum where this sort of stuff can be shared and discussed. I thought for awhile that there must have been sites out there that already catered to this topic. (

Is this blog the only place you know of that is dedicated to the discussion of A.I. bots in games? Should a new (spiffier) forum be created for us? Let me know what you guys think.