Sunday, February 23, 2014

BO: Combat Training Patch v1 FULL RELEASE

Here is the first release for the Black Ops combat training patch! This is technically not a mod but a patch to the game itself. This was required so that rank progression and round switching works correctly.

Version 1 features:

- all game modes are playable in combat training
- bots will complete all game mode objectives

Features to be implemented for future releases:

- enable prestige mode, clan tag editor, emblem editor, and playercard editor
- make bots use the chopper gunner and gunship killstreaks
- add new bot difficulty level
- add better descriptions and icons for wage match mode selection

Don't forget to read the read me file that is included!


This patch is designed for the BGamer LAN client. The patch may not work with other clients. You can download my modified version of the BGamer client here:

Have fun and check this blog for new updates!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


        Hey guys, this might be my last version for MW2 (at least for the time being). The good news is that a guy by the name of "Die_Rache" ( is working on a LAN client for MW3 (IW5). If his client has mod support I should be able to port RSE to MW3! Anyway the main reason I'll be discontinuing development on RSE for MW2 is because recently Die_Rache released a LAN client for Black Ops. This was something I was hoping for since the game came out over 3 years ago. I focused my attention on making bots for MW2 as a substitute. I prefer Black Ops over any of the other titles so I will be doing most of my bot slaughtering on there. A port of RSE to MW3 was highly requested so I will do so if I am able to. Only time will tell if the upcoming MW3 LAN client will support mods. Thanks for your support and have fun with v23!


RSE v23 Changelog:

-fixed some animation bugs
-bots will no longer leave any trace if they are kicked using the console
-fixed a bug related to changing stance after shooting
-bots can now get tired of sprinting if they do not have the marathon perk
-bots will now occasionally crouch walk
-bug fixes and improvements for bots in search and destroy
-bots will now plant the bomb if the setting for multibomb is enabled
-bots will now wait until the match begins
-added option in config file for allowing bots to use nukes
-included file in extras folder to enable ranked private match
-more code optimizations
-other small bug fixes