Monday, July 27, 2015

How to do LAN in MW2

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do LAN in MW2. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or suggestion.

Friday, July 24, 2015



I was working on this for a while but I thought I would make it a surprise. Finally after nearly a year, here is a new version of RSE. Enjoy!

RSE v27 Changelog:

 - added a new animation for bots walking with pistols
 - added a new animation for bots walking with akimbo weapons
 - bots can now shoot while walking during CQB (aka firing from the hip)
 - bots will now keep their loadout and personality after each round
 - new system is used for detecting bots which will help with compatibility for other clients
 - a real player with a name containing "bot" will no longer be mistaken as a bot

 - reworked difficulty modes based on community feedback:
     - "Recruit": prestige 0, ranks 1-33 (patches)
     - "Regular": prestige 0, ranks 34-70 (bars and stars)
     - "Hardened": prestige 1-9, ranks 1-70 (symbols)
     - "Veteran": prestige 10, ranks 1-70 (golden skulls)
     - "Mixed" (default): each bot is given a random difficulty based on the above criteria

 - balance changes:
     - bots will use grenades and explosives about 15% more often
     - bots will use equipment about 15% more often

 - fixed waypoint issues on the following maps:
     - derail
     - subbase
     - underpass

 - synced most processes with the frame rate which reduces potential server lag
 - fixed a bug that allowed bots to call in killstreaks even though they were occupied by one
 - fixed a bug that resulted in an inaccurate killstreak count after the round has changed
 - decreased the range for bots using some shotguns
 - bots with riot shields will now run faster
 - bots that crouch will now do so for a longer period of time
 - added 3 extra bot dialogue options
 - other small tweaks and bug fixes
 - updated documentation and redist folder