Saturday, March 19, 2016


What happened to v29? Long story...

RSE v30 Changelog:

rse bots v30 changes:


    -improved performance (various code clean up/optimization and added/increased time delays for certain processes)

    balance changes:

    -more bots will attack objectives (75%) than defend objectives (50%) in demolition (to make matches more interesting)
    -more bots will defend objectives (75%) than attack objectives (50%) in sabotage (to make matches more interesting)

    -changed the probability of skill groups spawning for "Mixed" difficulty:
        -Recruit: from 22% to 25%
        -Regular: from 33% to 25%
        -Hardened: from 33% to 25%
        -Veteran: from 11% to 25%

    -bot talkrate is now governed by a new set of variables (bots talk less often)

    bug fixes:

    -improved consistency of bots calling in chopper gunners and ac130s after earning them

    miscellaneous changes:

    -added 4 more bot dialogue options
    -bots that use the marathan perk will no longer run forever
    -changed the distance bots have to be to a bombsite to plant or defuse from 80 to 100
    -bots that have an airdrop killstreak picked will now always have the trait for taking carepackages
    -the menu option "Bots Talk" is now disabled by default on the PS3 version

RSE v29 Changelog:

rse bots v29 changes:


    -improved performance (various code clean up/optimization and added/increased time delays for certain processes)
    -bots will now have death animations when they die while moving

    balance changes:

    -higher skilled bots will use more assault rifles and mounted grenade launchers
    -lower skilled bots will use more automatic weapons
    -reduced time to stop shooting to 0.1 seconds and made it universal for all bots
    -bots will wait an extra 0.3 seconds after firing a stinger
    -bots will wait an extra 0.25 seconds after placing equipment

    -changed the amount of time for bots to take carepackages (to be in line with real players):
        -from 1.5 to 1 second for bots taking their own carepackage
        -from 3.5 to 4 seconds for bots stealing a carepackage

    -bots will now spend more time taking out and putting away the laptop for a predator missile (from 0.5 to 1 second)
    -tweaked the amount of time bots will equip launchers for
    -reduced the talkrate of bots by 20%
    -removed the short randomized delay (between 0 and 0.1 seconds) for bots to start shooting

    bug fixes:

    -fixed a bug that caused bots to switch to targets that they cannot see
    -fixed a bug that caused bots to shoot their gun at the beginning of a round
    -fixed a bug that caused bots to not use their mounted launcher
    -fixed a bug that caused bots to rage quit at the start of a new round in Search and Destroy

    miscellaneous changes:

    -added 2 more bot dialogue options
    -bots will no longer talk when they rage quit if the menu option "Bots Talk" is turned off
    -decreased the distance that bots travel when they perform a melee attack
    -bots will no longer try to perform a melee kamikaze when they are camping or waiting
    -bots will not jitter as much when they stop to shoot
    -revamped camping and waiting logic
    -bots that camp in Search and Destroy will start moving when there is less than a minute left
    -bots will now move at a normal pace when they are travelling through complex geometry
    -removed the menu option "Bots Ignore Host" because it was a stupid option to have
    -limited the match size for deathmatch to 8 players on Rust, 12 players on other maps (Derail and Fuel are still 18)
    -the PS3 version is now limited to filling the match to 10 players (to maintain performance)