Sunday, March 26, 2017

Good News

Yes I'm still here and yes I'm still working on bots for CoD4. It is basically Bot Warfare by ineedbots with a number of important changes. ineedbots did a good job with his mod for CoD4, good enough that I want to use it as a baseline for RSE in CoD4. So it must be said this will simply be a modified version of Bot Warfare at least for the first few versions. ineedbots deserves recognition for his work. It will slowly become its own thing as each new version is released. At a certain point it will probably be indistinguishable from the baseline (as was the case with RSE for MW2 with v1 through v10 made by tinkie101, but completely rewritten by v33 with no lines of code in common with v10 aside from the A* search algorithm).

I'm almost done with the first version for CoD4. However, due to having a hectic schedule with a lot on my plate, I'm going to need more time before it is ready to be released. Also do not expect it to be anything revolutionary. The goal is to provide the most polished bots for CoD4. Features that make it into the full release are those that maintain a polished presentation (good performance with no bugs or obvious problems that break immersion). The first version will be basic, so features such as the bot menu will be added in later versions.

Expect the first version to be released sometime in May.
(I know its awhile. But hey, any news is good news right?)

In the meantime, check out Bot Warfare by ineedbots:

We've shared a lot of ideas over the years for MW2 so I guess you could say we are indirect collaborators that work on separate projects.