Saturday, February 20, 2016


RSE v28 Changelog:

rse bots v28 changes:


    -improved performance (various code clean up/optimization and added/increased time delays for certain processes)
    -bot aiming is now smoother (improved algorithm)
    -added a PS3 version (thanks to E7ite)

    balance changes:

    -reduced melee range for bots with the commando perk (150 to 125) and without the commando perk (125 to 100)
    -bots will use more equipment and grenades (increased by 20%)

    -increased weapon range for all bots not using a shotgun:
        -1200 for recruit (400-800 for shotguns depending on the model)
        -1600 for regular
        -2000 for hardened
        -2400 for veteran

    -increased accuracy of lower skilled bots

    -increased reaction time of lower skilled bots:
        -between 1.4 and 1.5 seconds for recuit
        -between 1.0 and 1.1 seconds for regular
        -between 0.6 and 0.7 seconds for hardened
        -between 0.2 and 0.3 seconds for veteran

    -reduced the talkrate of bots by 30%

    bug fixes:

    -fixed a bug with bots spending too much time trying to destroy enemy killstreaks
    -fixed a bug with bots shooting their gun after trying to destroy enemy killstreaks
    -fixed a bug with bots moving while waiting at objectives
    -fixed a bug with bots using more than one launcher against players
    -fixed a bug with bots not switching to targets that are closer to them

    waypoint fixes:

    -storm: fixed an issue at the start of a match in team deathmatch
    -trailer park: fixed an issue that caused bots to clip a corner after spawning
    -underpass: fixed an issue that caused bots to travel to the wrong waypoint to capture a flag in domination
    -underpass: fixed an issue that caused bots to clip a doorway
    -underpass: fixed an issue that caused bots to travel through a vehicle

    miscellaneous changes:

    -higher skilled bots will sprint more often and lower skilled bots will sprint less often
    -bots will no longer crouch unless they need to (because it was sometimes buggy)
    -bots will spend more time placing equipment
    -bots will use stingers more often
    -removed follow process since it did not work correctly (bots will still follow for objectives)
    -removed process for shooting while walking because it caused too many clipping issues
    -bots will now guard the objective they captured until a new objective needs to be captured
    -removed the menu option "Bots Talkrate" and added the option "Bots Talk" allowing users to disable bots talking
    -added files required for ranked private match to the main mod file
    -removed "Patch_v3.iwd"
    -removed the waypoint editor from the main mod file and made it a separate mod

rse waypoint editor v1 changes:

    -initial release



Sunday, February 14, 2016

RSE v28 coming soon...

Hey everybody. I will be releasing a new version of RSE soon. I made a lot of small improvements and bug fixes as well as a few big changes such as improved performance and smoother aiming. I still need another week or two to finish it and do some play testing to make sure everything works as intended.