Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey. Here is RSE v26. Don't forget to read the included documentation if you have questions.

RSE v26 Changelog:

- removed launcher since some users were experiencing issues with it
- restructured how killstreaks are picked for each bot
- bots that are campers will no longer hunt other players using radar and sound
- added small non-intrusive bot menu hints

- added "Extra Settings" tab to the bot menu with the following options:
  - "Bots Ignore Host": choose if bots ignore the host (default false)
        - "Bots Use Nuke": choose if bots use the nuke they earn (default true)
        - "Bots Talkrate": choose how often bots will communicate (default normal)

- balance changes based on community feedback:
  - bots will talk about 10% less often
  - bots will use grenades and explosives about 25% more often
  - bots will use equipment about 10% more often
  - bot melee reaction time is now slower
  - bot reaction time to shoot is now slightly slower

- updated Patch_v2.iwd to Patch_v3.iwd:
  - removed in-game post-match timer
  - removed in-game popup summary

- bots using semi-automatic sniper rifles will no longer spam rounds
- fixed a problem regarding bots not prioritizing objectives (most notably in CTF)
- added 6 extra bot dialogue options
- other small tweaks and improvements