Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Post

Hey everyone, here is a new post so that more comments can be made.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

You can now rank up in Black Ops II

Black Ops II Offline Package Version 4

This package allows you to play singleplayer, multiplayer (with bots), and zombies offline.

New in Version 4:

 - updated patch files
 - updated redacted client
 - you can rank up and earn unlocks in matchmaking
 - support for DLC 4

Instructions on how to install and play are included.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no LAN support yet. This client is just for offline play with bots.

PART 1 (120 MB):
PART 2 (119 MB):


Monday, July 27, 2015

How to do LAN in MW2

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do LAN in MW2. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or suggestion.

Friday, July 24, 2015



I was working on this for a while but I thought I would make it a surprise. Finally after nearly a year, here is a new version of RSE. Enjoy!

RSE v27 Changelog:

 - added a new animation for bots walking with pistols
 - added a new animation for bots walking with akimbo weapons
 - bots can now shoot while walking during CQB (aka firing from the hip)
 - bots will now keep their loadout and personality after each round
 - new system is used for detecting bots which will help with compatibility for other clients
 - a real player with a name containing "bot" will no longer be mistaken as a bot

 - reworked difficulty modes based on community feedback:
     - "Recruit": prestige 0, ranks 1-33 (patches)
     - "Regular": prestige 0, ranks 34-70 (bars and stars)
     - "Hardened": prestige 1-9, ranks 1-70 (symbols)
     - "Veteran": prestige 10, ranks 1-70 (golden skulls)
     - "Mixed" (default): each bot is given a random difficulty based on the above criteria

 - balance changes:
     - bots will use grenades and explosives about 15% more often
     - bots will use equipment about 15% more often

 - fixed waypoint issues on the following maps:
     - derail
     - subbase
     - underpass

 - synced most processes with the frame rate which reduces potential server lag
 - fixed a bug that allowed bots to call in killstreaks even though they were occupied by one
 - fixed a bug that resulted in an inaccurate killstreak count after the round has changed
 - decreased the range for bots using some shotguns
 - bots with riot shields will now run faster
 - bots that crouch will now do so for a longer period of time
 - added 3 extra bot dialogue options
 - other small tweaks and bug fixes
 - updated documentation and redist folder


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Post

Hey guys, sorry I have nothing interesting to say. I just made a new post to create a new comments section. I think the comments section goes wacky after about 200 comments. So if you guys still want to discuss stuff you can here!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

BO: Combat Training Patch v6 FULL RELEASE

Hey guys so finally here is a little update for the Combat Training Patch. Sorry there is no DLC support yet. Please read the previous post that I made regarding DLC support. Maybe you can help. Anyway enjoy the update!

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the combat training patch is designed only for the original SK1DR0W release of Black Ops (ISO 7.28 GB). This will not work correctly with other versions of the game. Read the included instructions carefully.

Combat Training Patch v6 Changelog:

- changed how bots defend objectives
- attackers will now defend bombsites after they plant the bomb
- fixed a bug with bots ignoring some HQ locations
- fixed a bug with bots placing equipment in certain situations
- improved bots usage of the briefcase to plant and defuse bombs
- other small tweaks and improvements
- modified "bgserver.cfg" to fix a mode changing issue



Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Need BO1 Modding Tools

Hey so awhile back a friend sent me the BO1 modding tools so that I could compile mods and add DLC 3 support. Unfortunately the tools didn't work for me and I thought this whole time that it was an issue with my operating system under Windows 7. But recently I tried running the tools in Windows Vista and Windows XP and I get the same error message when trying to compile a mod:

So there is a problem with the tools that were given to me. Most likely I'm missing a folder that it needs or the state in which the tools were given to me were in an incorrect order. If someone would like they can send me the proper tools that don't give me this error message so that I can finally add DLC 3 support...

Otherwise I have made some nice improvements for CT Patch v6 regarding the AI that I will post soon but without having working modding tools I cannot add DLC 3 support...