Saturday, July 5, 2014


Hey so here is the full release of RSE v25. Read the included documentation for more help on how to use the new bot menu.  There are a lot of nice improvements so I hope you enjoy!

RSE v25 Changelog:

- new client included "alterIWnet 1.3.37 a++", improvements over alterRev:
        - better Windows 8 support
        - better windowed mode (with borders)

- added basic in-game bot menu
- fixed a bug that prevented players from earning killstreaks in some game modes
- improved when bots decide to run towards another player to melee, fixed running backwards
- improved smoothness of bot aiming
- improved how bots track other players with radar and sound
- fixed a bug that caused bots to spin after planting and defusing a bomb
- high skill bots with sniper rifles will now wear ghillie suits
- fixed a bug that caused bots to ignore shooting down UAVs and AC130s
- bots will now stop moving if they are flashed or stunned
- bots will now stop moving to use the stinger rocket launcher
- fixed a few animation bugs with bots carrying riot shields
- added more waypoint paths for the map "salvage"
- added 9 extra bot dialogue options
- other small bug fixes and improvements