Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BGamer is coming back. (i think)

Hey, so a few friends have brought to my attention some new information regarding the old BGamer site disappearing. BGamer is a forum and development site of mods for this game series.

I've been told that the old BGamer site is gone because the owner had problems with the hosting service, so he has moved on to create a new site under a different address.

Here is the new site:

As you can see it is still being worked on, hopefully it will be up again soon. I will let you know if any other changes arise.

Friday, June 13, 2014

RSE v25 Development Progress Changelog

Hey so here is a little teaser for a new menu implementation to be featured in RSE v25. There are other improvements as well. I will post the full release in about a week from now because I have a lot of bug testing to do!

RSE v25 Changelog (as of 6/14/14):

- reverted back to alterRev client
- added basic in-game bot menu
- fixed a bug that prevented players from earning killstreaks in some game modes
- improved when bots decide to run towards another player to melee, fixed running backwards
- improved smoothness of bot aiming
- improved how bots track other players with radar and sound
- fixed a bug that caused bots to spin after planting a bomb
- high skill bots with sniper rifles will now wear ghillie suits
- fixed a bug that caused bots to ignore shooting down UAVs and AC130s
- bots will now stop moving if they are flashed or stunned
- bots will now stop moving to use the stinger rocket launcher
- other small bug fixes and improvements

Friday, June 6, 2014

Black Ops II Offline Multiplayer [UPDATED LINK]

Here is a Black Ops II SP + MP + ZM Package for offline play. Download link is available at the bottom for those who want it.

- play singleplayer offline
- play multiplayer offline with bots
- play zombies offline solo

Includes the following:

Latest SK1DR0W SP Crack files for BO2
REDACTED 0.80 Beta (no in-game watermarks + fixed UI font)
Launcher for SP, MP, and ZM (so that both cracks work while both are installed)
Patch files to make your game up to date

Singleplayer crack made by SK1DR0W and Steam006
Multiplayer and zombies crack made by REDACTED team (visit for online play)
Thanks to SalFisher47 for automation scripts

Once installed, just click one of the launchers to play. The launcher executables were built in x86 so they should work on 32-bit operating system as well.

Read me file is included with more instructions.

Download link for BO2 SP + MP + ZM Offline Package v3:

Extract the archive using decompression software such as "winrar" or "7-Zip".

Leave a comment if you run into any problems and I will try to assist.