Sunday, May 1, 2016


A lot of bug fixes and optimization for this release. Enjoy!

RSE v31 Changelog:

rse bots v31 changes:


    -improved performance (various code clean up/optimization and added/increased time delays for certain processes)
    -improved movement and pathfinding of bots
    -improved aiming of bots

    balance changes:

    -"Recruit" bots will pick easier killstreaks more often and "Veteran" bots will pick harder killstreaks more often
    -changed some variables regarding bot talkrate (specific situational dialogue will be said more often)
    -bots will use grenades and launchers 20% more often
    -bots will use equipment 10% more often

    bug fixes:

    -fixed a bug that caused "Regular" bots to earn pro versions of some perks
    -fixed a bug that caused bots that perform a melee kamikaze to not run directly toward their target
    -fixed a bug that caused bots to not get close enough to a dropped bomb to pick it up
    -fixed a bug in sabotage that caused the bomb to which hands if a bot completes the bomb defusal process after the bomb was already defused
    -fixed a bug with bots continuing to fire their rocket/grenade launcher after their target is dead or left their sight
    -fixed a bug that caused bots to use their rocket launcher against killstreaks multiple times
    -bots will no longer shoot their weapon at the beginning of a round
    -bots will no longer leave animations when they are kicked or when they rage quit

    miscellaneous changes:

    -added 20 more bot dialogue options
    -bots will say "gg" more often
    -bots will not talk as often at the end of a round
    -bots are now assigned deathstreaks rather than distributed randomly
    -bots will no longer call in an airdrop if the space above them is not clear
    -bots will no longer call in killstreaks onto enemies that are under cover
    -bots will no longer call in killstreaks onto enemies that are near them
    -bots will use melee kamikaze more often
    -bots will now scan their environment when they are camping
    -higher skilled bots will now reload their weapon when there are no enemies in their sight
    -added PS3 tools to the package so that anyone can create their own PS3 version
    -the PS3 version now supports filling the match up to 12 players (because of improved performance)

rse waypoint editor v2 changes:

    -increased the distance for drawing links


VIRUSTOTAL (some false positives because of the PS3 tools):


  1. I check this site everyday. Good work! Any update for Black ops in the future?

    1. hi thanks. no plans for Black Ops 1 but if something changes in the community (if a group releases a new client or something along those lines) i may return to it. (same for Black Ops 2)

  2. You're a god. I freakin love this mod.

  3. Nice! Tnx for the update. I can't stand any cod game lately I can't even stand all those hype out COD-infinte warfare youtubes vids lately especially that gay kid cod sell-out...Ali-A....the cod gayish drool is all over that kid and now he has new barbie cod to promote like shit for the 9 years old . May be after some few months I'll play cod4 and mw2 again....hehe sorry for the rant bro!

    1. Same. Im looking forward to COD 4 remastered.

    2. hey alencore your welcome as always. i feel ya bro to be honest i don't pay attention to any of the media regarding new cods. i like to pretend BO2 was the last cod they released. its better off that way. lol and yea those youtube CoDers are so obnoxious, you can tell they are trying to sell you something and you can tell they are being paid to talk about it. soulless puppets.

    3. haha indeed bro! GAy Ali-A is the worst and so many others. We should all go to his channel and spam how gay cod sucker he is LOL!

      AngryJoe is laughing silly by now watching the trailer haha atleast that guy have realistic reviews and so funny to the bone the more the game sucks like that Rambo game LOL!

      ANyway I'll be testing the new RSE soon now I feel very excited about it and I'll just pretend alteriwnet is up again hehe. Tnx for the update bro!

    4. don't worry once CoD dies Ali-A and the other CoD fags will drop like flies.

      angry joe is awesome, love that guy :)
      i loled so hard during that Rambo review!
      hopefully he won't get paid off like the rest of them...

      and your welcome as always! also i'll be releasing another update very soon.

  4. This is getting better and better. Thanks for the update.
    Any upcoming Black Ops CT patch update? for dlc's :)

    1. your welcome

      but sorry no plans for Black Ops 1 :(

  5. Hey, this version is a huge step up, but sometimes when i kill the bots, their running animation is shown for a split second after they died. Also, some bots just die by themselves sometimes. Why is that so? nonetheless, this version is sick and i cant wait to see the future improvements for this mod.

    1. hi yes i am aware of the animation still showing occasionally after death. i made a lot of changes to death animations and fixed a lot of inconsistencies regarding it but this bug seemed to have cropped up. i'm still not sure exactly what causes it but i should have it fixed for the next version.

      as for bots killing themselves occasionally. this is related to a very old problem that dates back to the earliest releases of RSE. they kill themselves deliberately because of a "stuck" process i assign to each bot. if they aren't moving and they should be moving they will reset (suicide) after 12 seconds. after this happens they behave normally again. there are thousands of lines of code in the mod and the reason for this bug still eludes me. being that the mod is complex there is a chance that there is nothing wrong with the code and it could be an issue with how the game engine processes the code and causes an occasional error. but then again it could very well be a problem with my code. i'll keep pursuing a fix.

    2. Ahh okay. I also noticed that bots do tend to shoot their guns at the start of a new game. This didn't happen in tdm, but in domination. The bot was shooting for the time it took for my team to get over to their location. Is there any other big features that you plan on adding in in the future?

    3. are you sure this tends to happen? or did it happen once or twice? out of how many matches? because I've played over a hundred matches on this new version and I encountered what you said twice, maybe three times. and again this has to do with that unknown bug that causes bots to not move. the stuck process takes care of this.

      i shifted a lot of variables for this release, so bots shooting their gun happens to be one of these errors accompanying the movement bug now. this should be a relatively rare issue though (at least it is from my experience).

      as for upcoming things, i just fixed the death animation bug, and fixed a few other bugs as well. and since improving performance is still a priority i just finished designing a new algorithm that should save more CPU cycles from waypoint processing. v32 should be ready in a few days.

      as for big features in the future, uhhh lol not sure yet. i guess i'm still in my spring cleaning phase fixing as many issues as possible. when i'm satisfied with the condition of the mod i suppose the next big thing i'd like to tackle is proper vantage points. tactical locations like windows in buildings and high spots on maps that bots will sometimes go to like real players would in order to get easy kills. i mean sure that sort of happens now but its out of pure coincidence instead of a deliberate decision on the bot's part.

    4. That would be a lovely addition if it were possible. The bots already camp as it is, so I reckon that that's good enough.

      Have you considered how many more versions of this mod are needed before it's fully bug-free and filled with everything you intended on adding from the start? You've pretty much added 95% of the things that weren't in v11. That 5% I guess could be the vantage points. But what version do you reckon this mod will be fully functional at?

    5. ahh should be pretty much bug free by v40 and i'll probably run out of ideas by v50. the vantage points idea is just one of many i have. i still need to get bots to use C4 and destroy enemy equipment. so there is still plenty to do. but these aren't core features and most people probably wouldn't notice these features anyway so yea its basically 95% done.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. It's funny because I remember when you first appeared on the scene with v11 years ago and I was one of the first people to notice you. You said that you were unsure that some of the features we asked for at the time were even possible to implement, but now look how much rse has evolved. The features you said you were unsure of being possible are now in. It must have been hell at first to fix up the v10 rse considering it was your first time handling mods unless you had experience before rse.

    8. lol yea RSE was my first modding project. well, my first major one anyway aside from making slight alterations to other people's work which technically it was at first with RSE v11. but i kept changing things and rewriting stuff until literally everything was rewritten. basically 99% of the RSE code today is my own work. the only piece of code i didn't write and still haven't tampered with is the A* search algorithm which was inherited from PeZBOT. hard to change something that works so well.*_search_algorithm

      regardless i still learned a lot from the creators of PeZBOT and the creator of Bot Warfare (ineedbots) by studying their work over the years and i know ineedbots learned some things from me as well :)

      anyway, if it wasn't for you guys and your support i probably wouldn't be doing it anymore. of course part of the motivation was my desire to have a really good bot mod for MW2 but i definitely would have given up a long time ago if no one liked it.

      today i think RSE is in pretty good shape but to be honest if i was some random guy coming along and tried RSE v11 i would have trashed it. but for some reason you guys saw something in me. so, um, thanks for that :P

  6. Anyone have any info on the BO3 mod tools for the PC?

    1. I'm not surprise if treyarch forgets about the mod tools they promised last cross you fingers on those someone might suddenly remember to release them but may be not now yet.

    2. At least the mod tools have been in alpha since last month. Some YouTubers have even uploaded videos of their alpha mod tools:

  7. Hello! I am new to this bot scene. I had a question, can I play woth bots by downloading only the v31 files? Or do I need to download the previous versions?

  8. I'm MaggyOfDeath.
    Your mod is awesome, keep it up!

  9. Have you delete the "camping" behavior of bots?

    1. no but its more natural now. bots look around when they camp.

  10. Thanks your mod updating. I enyoed mw2 with this mod in Japan.

    and any plans BO1 mod upadating for steam version ?

  11. Great mod, I remember when I used it looong time ago, now I tried to play it again and I encountered a problem:
    Game do not even start for me!

    I doing everything step-by-step like it is said in installation guide. I running iw4mphost then server staring, console appearing and... everything crashes right after. I using original steam version of the game, anyone could give me some advices?

    1. make sure you have Visual C and DirectX installed. also there could be a conflict with other programs you have running. turn off all other programs running on your computer. this includes Anti-Virus software.

      what is your OS version?

    2. Windows 7

      I installed everything, disabled any kind of internet protection, double-checked if anything blocking connection and still nothing works. "All I get is aIW Console then info that alterIWnet server i am connecting is not oficially supported" and after a short while crash report appears. Do I need to download any additional stuff for that mod or just that package + MW2 files are enough?

    3. hmm... well checking isn't enough you need to turn off all background programs. you should have nothing else running on your desktop. it should work fine for you. if you are still having problems i suggest visiting the troubleshooting threads for the game on the steam forums or other websites. as a last resort you might need to reinstall the game or your OS.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. hey mac could you assist me in converting this to xbox ?

  12. Where are the bots named at? Is it possible to rename them?

  13. Can you provide some instructions for using the PS3 tools included in this version?