Friday, June 16, 2017


Sorry about the delay. I think you guys will feel it was worth the wait. There are a lot of changes you guys have been asking for.



  -bots will no longer pause while moving
  -bots now have footstep sounds (thanks community and ineedbots)
  -improved smoothness of bot aiming (thanks ineedbots)
  -code optimization (reworked movement algorithm)

balance changes:

  -made all bots more difficult (aim speed and reaction time to shoot has been reduced)
  -bots are now more accurate when firing rockets at killstreaks
  -deathstreak required for all bots to attack killstreaks has been reduced from 5 to 4

bug fixes:

    -fixed bots not moving to unique waypoints (such as picking up dropped bombs that are not near static waypoints)
    -fixed bots thinking the bomb carrier was still alive in search and destroy

miscellaneous changes:

  -removed ps3 version (ps3 hardware is not available for me to test for this release)
  -removed camping at random locations for objective modes
  -removed bot scanning
  -bots will no longer rage quit (they will only say something when they are enraged)
  -bots will now join and kick 2 times faster
  -added 34 more bot dialogue options (and changed one option)




  1. Hi macporterjoe I appreciate the hard work you and the other devs who worked on these mods have done. I just have a couple of questions I hope you have time to answer for RSE v34 for MW2.

    1. Will this reset my current rank and other things that I have done on RSE v33?
    2. Is it the same to install as RSE v33?
    3. When will we expect the next mod update come? Just need an estimate time.

    I hope that you guys keep up the good work and keep Modern Warfare 1 and 2 alive.

    1. Hi Sierra,

      I'm glad you like the work. and please leave feedback particularly on the changes made (whether or not something was better in the past or still needs improvement) i try to read everything even if i don't respond.

      1. no. if you have v33 installed already, all you have to do is delete "RSE_Bots_v33.iwd" from your "main" folder and place "z_MW2_RSE_Bots_v34.iwd" into your "main" folder. The "main" folder is located in your root directory for MW2. Your stats are saved in the "players" folder. As long as you do not delete/move your "players" folder and as long as you do not change your client (since different clients are often not compatible with the same stats data) you will have no issues continuing your stat/rank progression.

      2. Yes. But since the only file changed is "RSE_Bots_v33.iwd" to "z_MW2_RSE_Bots_v34.iwd", this is the only change you need to make.

      3. I'm not sure. I have a lot more responsibility in real life now and of course that must take precedence over my hobbies. I don't really have the summer off so I might not be able to work on these projects for the foreseeable future.

      i would like to get a small update out with a few improvements to CoD4 RSE (particularly better use of claymores and not moving at hq locations) that i wasn't able to get into this release due to time constraints. and i'd like to add a PS3 version again for MW2 RSE. with both updates out by the end August when i go back to school. But this is not set in stone.

      i hope this sufficiently answers your questions.

    2. Thanks Joe I appreciate your time to answer my questions and I understand that your real work and other things have to come before gaming. But, so far as to your questions about things that I think need to be fixed. I am only not liking the fact that the bots can glitch through walls. I don't know if it is a problem on my end but, if other people have this it is the only thing bothering me. Overall it is pretty good and I enjoy it. Especially the fact that you guys added footsteps. I was always being sneaked up on by the bots. Again I do appreciate your guys work on these mods and if anything I notice occur or if I have any ideas I will be sure to let you guys know.

  2. Thanks macporterjoe!!! I'm having so much fun now with mw2!
    Are there any plans for adding support for non-official dlc maps? Nuketown, Killhouse, Bog, Wetwork, Crossfire, Bloc

    1. Your welcome! Sorry no plans for unofficial DLC maps. i do not have them installed. if there was a good client with those maps i would consider adding support but the last one i tried (ReactIW4?) had poor performance so i'm still with alterIWnet.

    2. Hey! Maybe you should try IW4x supports custom maps and is being updated

  3. Shame you still can't spectate bots.


  4. Hello Joe.
    I have used your source mod cod4v1rsebots to create my custom mod and I get this error: Dobj for xmodel 'body_mp_opfarce_sniper' has more than 128 bones.
    What do you think might be the cause of this error.

    I wait your answer

  5. Is it possible to crack the latest redacted LAN client for BO2?

  6. I have used your source mod cod4v1rsebots to create my custom mod and I get this error:
    max_precache_entries exceeded

    What do you think might be the cause of this error.

    I wait your answer

    1. sorry i'm not sure. there is probably a conflict with the changes/additions you made and the existing assets. maybe the additions you made would work fine as its own mod but once added to the source i provided it exceeds a budget.

  7. Really? You made only a few changes from ineedbots' version and called it your own version, from what I can tell, all the code is the same as his, other than a thread here and there. Honestly you could of called it a 'patch' this is no way your own mod. You gave credits, yes, but it's barely any of your own code...

    1. are 18 changes as listed in the changelog "a few"? no, and each change often required multiple edits or lines of code to add/remove so you could look at it as 50+ changes. but yes the vast majority of the code is his work.

      don't get me wrong though. YOU ARE RIGHT. and i'm glad you brought this to my attention. being that this project will be mostly his code for at least the next several versions, i should have made his part in it more obvious to the user. i did make a post about this in the past but it should have been in the documentation for the mod as well as stated in this post.

      i'm going to repost CoD4 RSE v01 and rename it "CoD4 BW RSE v1" as well as add more documentation to make it clear it is a mod of a mod and not something built from scratch (MW2 RSE started like this as well but now it is 99% rewritten). if enough versions are made for CoD4 BW RSE, the vast majority of the code will be rewritten and when that happens "Bot Warfare" will be dropped from the title.