Sunday, December 1, 2013

RSE v20 b3 Development Progress Changelog

Here is the current changelog for RSE v20 as of December 1st. I may release one of my beta tests for you guys to try if you are interested. Please let me know if you are interested in beta testing for RSE to help iron out bugs.

RSE v20 b3 Changelog to date (as of December 1st, 2013):

-fixed bots not using the stinger correctly and reduced how often they use them
-bots will now rely on their radar to find enemies
-a bot that rage quits will now be replaced with a different bot after a random length of time
-bots will no longer rage quit in capture the flag, demolition, and search and destroy (to fix joining bugs)
-bots will now use akimbo weapons
-reconfigured auto scale match size, default is now smaller to improve bot functioning (can be changed in config)
-bots will use the ac130 and chopper gunner more effectively
-each bot will now choose one loadout (weapon and perks) to use for the majority of the match (based on skill)
-each bot will now choose 3 killstreaks at the beginning of the match and can only earn those 3 killstreaks
-bots will not use the at4, rpg, or m79 as often against other players

-fixed more waypoint issues on the following maps:

-changing fov in the config will now apply in matchmaking
-some variable and balance tweaks
-other small bug fixes and improvements


  1. is there a chance you cal make this work in MW3? or is it composed of an entirely new system? nevertheless i love the mod, still playing MW2 for the bots hehehe keep on rockin.

    1. it is possible. but as i described to other users, the system for setting up a local server to play offline in MW3 is very cumbersome.

      i'm glad you like RSE! it helps ease the pain of monontinous coding knowing that you guys really like the work.

  2. man you made this mod more interesting but there's one more should make bots' skill balanced (between hard and easy) when difficulty is set as balanced because 90% of the bots are hard balanced is supposed to be balanced like they can shoot you 100% but not kill you instantly.....regardless of that this is a very nice mod i hope this changes in v20.

    1. i set the balanced difficulty based on my own skill, which i thought was average but maybe I'm wrong. the next poll on this blog will ask if you guys think the bots are too easy or too difficult.

  3. Tnx for the updates...keep up the good work!

    Btw yeah hope someday you'll port it on mw3 to even though sounds much more complex for that but I'm sure you can find a way.

    1. i'll definitely consider porting RSE to mw3 one day, but i still have plenty to work on in the mw2 version so it wouldn't be any time soon. and thanks for your support!

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